Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtoberfest is over (and there is a winner)!

Blogtoberfest has made me realise I'm never really going to have something new and exciting to say here everyday! I'm never going to be a daily blogger. But I have enjoyed trying to find something exciting and interesting to say (and I think I only missed one day) - so that's 30 posts in 31 days which is a pretty good result I think!

Anyway, without further ado - I did the random generator thingo and came up with comment 43 which belongs to Naomi at Beeshebags. Naomi had a pair of white ankle boots that she wore to death and still wishes she had!
Everyone seems to have some fabulous memories of clothing from childhood - many of you had boy-short haircuts like me in the 80's, or fabulous outfits handmade for you by your mum or grandma. Some of you liked the matching outfits - others of you didn't! So funny reading all your responses.

And to prove that I have actually been doing stuff other than blogging this month - here's my latest bee block. It's the most complicated quilt block I've ever attempted! I call it Geese Flying through a Spotted Technicolour Sky!!
Anyway, here's to the end of another Blogtoberfest. Cheers!


Sarah said...

Congratulations - 30 in 31 days is pretty amazing. And to have time to patchwork as well. I am impressed.

Beeshebags said...

Wow, congrat's on the 30 posts in 31're gamer than me! Thanks to random number generator (And to you Ange, for hosting a giveaway as part of blogtoberfest) for picking my number out! Woo Hoo, I won I won! Hugs Naomi

Maggie said...

30 in 31, great effort. I know I'll never be a daily blogger, I'd be happy to be a weekly blogger at the moment. I love that quilt block, it's amazing, I would find it hard to give that one away.

Kate said...

Love that block!!