Saturday, October 9, 2010

Button Sorting

OK, so this is so not my idea! It is totally ripped-off from my lovely mother's group friend Sarah who has recently started her own blog - please go and have a look, there are beautiful photos and lots of thoughtfully written words.
Matilda found my button jar. So I gave her some bowls and sent her on her way. She asked for more bowls (for the grey and the orange buttons - all 4 of them!) and was happily amused for nearly an hour sorting out my little jar of buttons.
And to prove that I do have some of my own ideas about entertaining the kids, I often send the kids outside (not always in matching homemade hoodies) with paintbrushes and a bowl of water to paint away to their hearts content on the windows, on the floorboards, in the pot plants - I often don't care as long as they're happy!
Matilda is cleaning the windows (who knows how she knows about that - it's certainly not from me!!) and Kelvin is just looking cheeky!
Kelvin is painting a rainbow and Matilda is still cleaning the windows!
And now Kelvin is flicking water at me and Matilda has nearly finished cleaning her window!
I'm now about to embark on cake baking ready for a quiet family celebration of a second birthday at our house tomorrow! I am also having a beer - am I the only one who feels the need to drink when birthday baking?


Sarah said...

A fun activity that involves putting them outside and shutting the door. Brilliant - we'll be trying that at our place Ange.

Hope the baking went well, and I think a birthday cake baking session could only benefit from a beer!

Tilds' hair looks lovely braided like that...

humel said...

lol! Beer (or wine) definitely required here too...

My buttons are already sorted according to colour into little jars. So are my ribbons. Is that not normal?! ;-)

AmandaMcGregor74 said...

love the painting with water.....the fun one at our house is chalk outside and i dont care what you draw on - walls, fences, paving, windows, each other - it all washes off