Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeans for 4 and into the Garden

It was Hobart Show Day today so none of our usual rushing about the place and Dad was home too! So after a slow start we all pulled on our jeans and headed into our back garden to try and control the weeds, prepare a place for a swing set arriving for Christmas and to plant some pumpkins (hopefully to grow uncontrolled and smother the weeds at the bottom of the hill)!!
(That's the pumpkin patch covered in pea straw and you can see our quite pleasant purple flowered weeds that have taken over)
The kids split their time between the garden and the hammock. The dog enjoyed having everyone outside with her!
And after dinner on the deck I was mezmerised by the blue sky and the fluffy clouds!
And tomorrow will see everything back to the normal busy-ness.


Sarah said...

Those purple 'weeds' are Echium, one of my favourite plants! Drought tolerant, showy flowers, architectural form, interesting foliage. And that north facing bank is just their ideal environment.

Pumpkins - awesome idea!

Rosie said...

I got out into the garden today too...fabulous sunny weather. Looks like you all enjoyed the day.