Friday, October 8, 2010

Toddler Singing

Kelvin turns 2 on Sunday and today I got to listen to some of his beautiful singing!! We walked Matilda up to the nearby art-based preschool for the morning and walking home (with Kelvin in the Ergo-carrier) he decided to sing "I Like to Sing" (by Justine Clark for any of you in the know) - I didn't even know he knew the song, let alone have heard it enough to be able to sing it!! And it was a happy, musical walk back home.

Then we were having a sit on the couch before heading out and he decided to sing "See Saw Majorie Dawe" from beginning to end (which also surprised me).

And at swimming lessons he was singing loud and strong to all of the songs - much to the amusement of the others there!

I sometimes have to remember to stop and enjoy my little man. It's hard to believe it's been nearly 2 years! His language is absolutely blowing me away, he's a real water baby who's almost swimming and his generally a pretty happy soul with a really cheeky streak!

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Sarah said...

I can almost hear him Ange! He has such a cute little sing-song voice for such a big strong boy, so funny!
Oh, and where did those 2 years go?!