Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunshine & 20 in Hobart = THE BEACH!

It's been a gorgeous 20+ degree day in Hobart today, the first real shorts and t-shirt weather for the season. And it's also the first day of daylight savings so long sunny evenings have come our way!
We decided to take the dog to the beach and run as fast as we could...

Throw the ball for the dog...

Dip our toes into the freezing cold water directly from the Antarctic!

And wiggle our toes in the sand!

Bring on the summer!


Kate said...

I agree, bring on summer!
I can't believe it is warmer in Hobart than here. I think we really do live in the coldest part of the universe.
Sounds like a great day.

Jo in TAS said...

Can't believe it was snowing last week, the weekend was glorious!

JANE said...

Hi Ange I've finally got organised and found your blog! Just delightful photos capturing a lovely Spring weekend in Hobart. Well done. J x