Saturday, October 16, 2010

Right Place, Right Time!

It's been a great Saturday morning. Matilda had her swimming lesson this morning and was being pushed a bit more than usual! This was thanks to me becoming one of "those" parents - swimming this term has really, really bothered me for some reason. I decided that after one year of swimming lessons (30 classes and $450) she should be able to swim, even just a little bit. I know she's only 4 but she also a bit lazy when it comes to extending herself - so I rang the pool to see what could be done. I was thinking I'd have to pay for some private lessons or withdraw altogether (and go swimming with her myself) but they were fabulous and said there was an extra instructor and that they'd split the beginners class so there was more one on one time for everyone. Anyway, I feel like a weight has lifted - but it makes me wonder how I'll be once Matilda gets to school - will I have unrealistic expectations of her abilities? Will I become one of "those" parents, and is that a bad thing? Anyway, we'll see how it goes next year when she starts kinder!!

So after swimming, we went and had cino's all 'round with Sarah and Doots and then wandered over the road to The Quilted Crow to fondle the fabric before heading home. Anyway, both Sarah and I made purchases and then Leonie very generously gave the girls everything from her scrap bucket and then said she had some unwanted samples out the back if they'd like them. Well the scraps were generally fabulous fabrics (with a couple of daggy fabrics too) - is it bad that I want to hide a couple of the nicer fabrics to use for myself?
I was thinking we might be able to make some Cabbage Patch clothes from the samples but instead we decided to make a wreath with the thin scraps.
We cut the strips to about 10cm lengths (measured by wrapping them around the cereal box cardboard), stretched a wire coat hanger to resemble a circle and then tied the strips on the coat hanger. A lot of the scraps we ended up with were off-cuts from the Riley Blake Rainy Days & Mondays fabric line so look quite Chrismassy with all that red and green - now to work out how to hang it to our front door in December!!


AmandaMcGregor74 said...

its oK to be one of "those" parents occassionally...I have that worry sometimes I being too pushy and interfering..mostly I sit back and watch things unfold, but if after a decent time frame there are things that need to be said or done or questions asked, I politely step it and ask. Usually get a very good response. You will only be one of "those" parents if you are rude or abrupt or arrogant when you step in. And I see a lot of "those" parents when I work at school!!! Teachers usually appreciate the parents that ask questions and get involved and take the time to help their kids get the most out of their school experiences. And it has also been proven that of the parents that make that effort, their kids are the ones that have success at school.!!

Sarah said...

very cute wreath ange - tilds looks like she's really doing a great job...

ina turned all her yellow samples into "yellow land"