Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Julie & Julia

I just finished watching the movie Julie & Julia. It was good, I enjoyed it. And it was good to watch it after writing this post!

Julia wears an amazing navy blue cocktail gown (in the scene where she holds the party for her sister in their Paris home) and it had pockets!! I need a cocktail dress with pockets.

And whilst I was watching the movie I was sewing on buttons to my Flower Fairies block for Jen. The block isn't as fancy as others but I quite like the taggie-ribbon concept and hope that Jen's daughter does too!
(Please excuse the quality of the photos - taken after 10pm, with no lovely sunshine to assist with lighting. And yes, I need a proper flash for my camera - the lense keeps getting in the way!)

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Maggie said...

I loved Julie and Julia too, how good was Meryl Streep as Julia? And I'm with you on the pockets, I wish nearly every item of clothing in my wardrobe had pockets.