Thursday, October 7, 2010

My kids had their first visit to the dentist today!

They both got a clean bill of dental-health and quite enjoyed the experience which shoud bode well for the future (I hope)!

So after that we sprinted through the rain to get cino's all round before music lessons.

And then a well deserved play in the playground and some lunch.

And yes, Thursday is hyper-parenting day! It's always busy but we love it. And the good thing is I only have to cook every third Thursday because it's extended family catch-up night.


JANE said...

I'm so pleased their teeth were fine. After months of not letting us clean his teeth 'because I'm a big boy', Joshie had his first dentist appointment. To my horror, two holes were found which had to be filled under general anaesthetic at Hobart Day Surgery! Now both he and India are happy to have us clean their teeth for them ☺. J x

Sarah said...

Busy busy! Mmm, must bite the bullet and get the kids to the dentist. Looks like M & K were cool as cucumbers in the big chair.

Weston Wadlington said...

The kids should be taught to brush their teeth at a young age. Learning to brush at an early age would help to on taking care of their dental health as they grow up. You will be at ease that their teeth are healthy and free from cavities! Happy hyper-parenting day!

~Weston Wadlington

Magaret Langlois said...

Did one of them shed tears when they were in the clinic? It doesn’t matter though, because they still did great. Well, going to a playground is a great way to celebrate your kids’ achievement. They did well on their first dental appointment, so they deserve to play and have fun! :’D

Magaret Langlois